What is the mission of CASA?

CASA’s mission, since its’ founding in 1916, has been to foster and promote uniformity of foods, drugs and medical device laws. CASA encourages and promotes enforcement of new laws as well as established laws that provide the consumer public health protection.

CASA also seeks to work with other professional groups, governmental agencies and the Association of Food and Drug Officials in similar objectives affecting consumer protection.

Lastly, CASA seeks to improve communication across all food and drug agencies and provides up-to-date training opportunities that promote professional development.

How do I join CASA?

You can join CASA by going to the membership page of this website. You have the option of paying for your membership online or by printing a membership application and mailing in the form. Additionally, you can pay for your membership when attending any local conference training.

Do I have to be a member of a governmental organization to join CASA?

No. As previously stated CASA members may be representative of industry or from academia, as well as government regulators.

Who makes up CASA?

CASA is made up of a mix of Government and Regulatory members, Associate members from private industry and Academic members working collaboratively provide up to date training and promote safer food and drug laws. CASA is made up of eight local conferences along the eastern seaboard stretching from Canada to Virginia. For more information on local conferences, check out the conference links from the homepage.

Which local conferences should I join?

A person can join any of the local conferences they choose. Most often members join the local conference in their regional area to take advantage of quarterly trainings that are offered. The local conferences include three in the State of Pennsylvania; one in Philadelphia, Susquehanna and Pittsburgh, three in New York State; one in the Niagara Frontier region (including parts of Canada), the Northeast New York area and the New York City area, one in the State of Maryland and one in the State of Virginia.

Is CASA affiliated with other professional food and drug associations?

CASA is the largest regional affiliate of the Association of Food and Drug Officials. Along with other regional affiliates, CASA provides direct input to AFDO leading to better and safer food, drug and medical device laws.

Are there other opportunities to receive educational training from CASA?

Yes. CASA has an annual Educational and Training Seminar (ETS) somewhere within the CASA geographical area, in addition to local conference trainings. This three day annual seminar provides the latest informational topics and opportunities to network with government regulators and industry professionals working in the food and drug fields. For more information, check out the ETS page from this website.

How much are CASA dues?

Dues for CASA are extremely reasonable. $15 for regulatory members; $35 for associate members and $10 for academic members.

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