Benefits of CASA

CASA is a regional affiliate of the Association of Food and Drug Officials.  It provides its members a wide variety of services and benefits useful to today’s food and drug professional.


Annual Educational and Training Seminar – A three day event at which exhibitors, university, consumer, industry, and regulatory representatives present relevant developments, materials, techniques, topics and issues in the food, drug, environmental health, consumer affairs and laboratory areas as well as hearing lectures on topics of timely interest.

Training courses – CASA develops and presents training courses throughout the year; Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are issued for many sessions.

Local conferences -CASA is a professional organization consisting of public health professionals from government and private industry.  CASA is comprised of eight local conferences from Virginia to Ontario Canada, and is the largest organization of Food and Drug Officials in the United States. Local conference holds quarterly training sessions at which public health topics of timely interest are presented by experts from academia, industry and government. The meetings also encourage and promote improved communication between colleagues by bringing these individuals into direct contact with one another in a semi-official environment. This contact and subsequent comradery is essential to cooperative efforts and beneficial information exchange.

Participation and Sphere of Influence – Active committees enable members to participate in CASA activities and derive a sense of pride and satisfaction as they contribute to the success of their professional association through resolutions, members of CASA can influence national policy decisions.


CASA is an active association and is responsive to its membership. Membership categories include:


Individuals engaged in official food, drug, cosmetic device or environmental health control work.


Individuals not directly and officially engaged in government control duties, but who are. Because of vocation or avocation, interested of affiliated with the work of food, drug, cosmetic or other industries and their legal and scientific associates.


Professional or scientific personnel employed by a college or university.


Persons who during their employment held active membership in the association.


CASA accomplishes its objectives and conducts business through committee service. A listing of those committees are:

  • Advisory
  • Associate
  • Auditing
  • Communications
  • Constitution & By-Laws
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Laboratory
  • Local Arrangements
  • Membership
  • Nominating
  • Resolutions
  • Scholarship
  • Water

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